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Just wondering: Where do like to shop for hair products? Is it in Drugstores, like Walgreens. Product salons like Urbanbella, the neighborhood beauty supply store or Mega Stores like Sephora?
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I shop at a store called Honey Fig, they have a online store also.

And my friends black beauty supply store.

Ooh, the real question is where won't I shop. Lol.

I enjoy online shopping at stores like Curlmart, or hitting up places like Sephora, Ulta and if I'm in a pinch for a product Urbanbella.

Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and the Vitamin Shoppe!

Walmart, Walgreens, Whole Foods and I buy my Shea Butter from Amazon.com

I've been to Ulta a few times but just to look, not buy..I'm cheap! LOL!

For raw ingredients I usually buy from fromnaturewithlove.com. Otherwise I get my stuff from CVS (drugstore) or the direct company's website

I shop at luckyvitamin.com .... you can find alot of hair products for real cheap.

I shop anywhere for hair products (walmart, shoppers drug mart, zellers, sally's, kaks, to name a few), im in Toronto, so there is not lots of places to go for nice black kinky curly hair products that are cheap. I am a hair product junkie but I do not want to pay high prices either. I usually try to get what Urbancurlz critique. I finally got my Cantu leave in shea butter from the first walmart I walked into on my last trip to Florida, I LOVE THIS STUFF - I had looked high and low here in T.O. and could not find it anywhere. I also love, Herbal Essence - Hello Hydration and Totally Twisted and last but not least I found a Marc Anthony - Strictly Curls, frizz sealing conditioner on the discount shelves for $3.00. By the way all this stuff I just mentioned I use as leave-in and they are great.

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