Chris Rock/Solange/Oprah

Still shaking my head!
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Wow. To each his own, but I wouldn't drop that kinda money for a weave. Now dangle a designer bag, some fly shoes, or an appliance of some sort, then we can talk.

If I were that "school teacher/grad student" chcik, I'd ask for my money back. That ol' orphan annie weave look TORE UP!

wow. for that amount of money, i'd at least expect to not look like a pig in a wig...that teacher needs to rethink her investment, cause she's gettin ripped off.

I was thinking, that thing on Chris' head worth $1000? Those stylists must be good to make that dull yellow fake blond thing look like its worth $1000! Just my 2 cents ;-)

Did I hear her say, " look as natural as possible." I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I would think to look as natural as possible, one would just be...ummm, I don't know...NATURAL. Even wear your own hair relaxed, but not a weave. I don't know...maybe she was talking about that Tyra type of natural.

On another note, I think they all need to get their money back, because I know a woman in Bankhead who will make them look the exact same way for $30. This makes me rethink my career path if I can get $1,000 for doing some half-assed weaves, LOL!!!

Who can do good weaves in Bankhead? lol I work near there!

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