Caucasion Men & Relaxers

I saw this on Mediatakeout and I actually got a good laugh about it. I see relaxers are finding a new home since many african american women have ditched them. So, caucasion men are using relaxers to get the slicked back, wet look. Wow!!! What's next? Don't let me mix some relaxer up and market it specifically for them.

5 Responses:

This dude is clearly clowning. I thought it was funny at first, but I think he's just trying take the mic our of black women.

Actually I use to relax white women's hair when I did hair, they straighten out their curls too and you can either use what is typically used for our hair or you can take their curly perm solution or use it to straighten their hair.

Just isn't as common or perhaps as big a deal as it is with us.

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"Go to the aisle you never go mayonnaise...and like...cocoa butter...that aisle."


He thinks he's real cute too hahaha.

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