Erykah Edition: Hot or A Hot Mess

Erykah Badu shows off a new shorter look at the Palladium this weekend. Seems like everyone is going shorter these days, so am I. But what do you think-Hot or a Hot Mess?

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She looks super cute. The hair and dress are great, buI know she usually wears wigs. Does anyone know if that's a wig, too?

Anything Badu is awesome.

Yea, I was gonna comment as well that she usually wears a wig so this isn't, technically, a new 'do....its just that she decided to rock her own hair.

soooo stylish! love it!

I, need, that dress NOW!

I was at this show and these photos don't even do her justice... EVERYTHING about this woman is fly!

I always love Badu. No matter what. I like the bigger fros on her. I still kinda think this a wig, though.

I must agree with the majority. I'm a huge fan of Miss Badu and she is ALWAYS HOT!!!

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