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I hate to pull the "I told you so card, but I did! After seeing Kelis with Dickey a few weeks ago, I knew that Kelis was making a comeback with the curly hair. Well, here she is spotted, happy and reunited with hubby Nas in NYC. I must say, I am glad the blue is gone, but hmmm, not to sure about the white...What do you think?

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I like it. It's also good to see them back together.

I hope they can work things out.

She looks old. But I hope that they are making their relationship work!

I have to agree something about the color or style makes her look older than her years. It's really good to see them back together and happy though!

Love...Love...Love...Love the Hair...Love the Couple

I love Kelis and can't wait to see what she is going to do with her hair.

I love the curly texture and cut. The color combo is a little Bride of Frankenstein for me. I wish I could see the back.

LOVE LOVE Kelis and Nas back together and I love her hair too!

glad they're back together
love love<3

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