Joy Bryant's Bohemian Rhapsody

So Joy Bryant to her blog on to respond to Tyra's Real Hair day on September 8th, remember that (side eye). Well, she had a particularly interesting response, titled Bohemian Rhapsody.

"National Real Hair Day? I missed that one...In fact, on National Real Hair Day, I was calling Extensions Plus in L.A. to make sure they had enough of the 20” "relaxed roots" texture hair that I love oh so much
(and that keeps selling out like crazy!), and making an appointment to get my
hair, I mean, my weave, hooked up.

So Tyra, while I didn’t take part in your observance, I just want to say: "WOW!" You are such a brave woman for breaking the chains that bound you since your teenage years! What courage that took, for you to expose yourself to millions of people! Such fearlessness!

Oh, how I wish I had the guts to do that. I guess I’m much too much of an insecure, self-loathing Negro for all that self-acceptance foolishness.
I’m glad we got down to solving the mystery of what’s under your lace-front, though. I mean seriously, it was "THE" question that has perplexed the world over. And now we see that there’s a beautiful head of hair underneath it all, hair that was surprisingly relaxed and ready for the world. Whodathunkit?! If I had the same length and fullness of hair that you have, I might take my weave out too.

Ha!!!! I’m just playing! Even if I DID have your "real" hair, I’d still be wearing a few tracks or clip-ons up in there.


Because I’m straight weave fo life, kid!!!

Ima ride ride wit this weave, die die with this weave!!

Let me break it down for you:
See, I loooooove taking new hair out of the bag, combing through it with my fingers, holding it up with my two hands, and burying my face in it. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm! Nothing like a new batch of zig-zag curly to get your self esteem out of the dumps!

The feeling of getting my hair, I mean, my weave done over. I feel human again. I feel sexy. I feel powerful. It makes me makes me makes feel like a natural woman!!!

I can be whatever, whoever I want to be with the stroke of a sewing needle...

With long brown tresses and a tan, I’m Pocahontas, 'cause I got Indian in my family. With easy waves, I AM bohemian rhapsody goddess personified. And now that I got blond highlights! What!? I know I look like Beyonce! You can’t tell me nothing! Uh oh, uh oh..."

Read the rest of Joy's entry here.

1. I know i've been slow posting, but I've been extremely busy with family. So bare with me over the next week or so...

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9 Responses:

Wow. is she for real? "i feel human again" that's just so crazy.

I've always liked her but...WOW...just WOW! She sounds really ignorant.

Her sarcasm is hilarious!! I think she really dogged Tyra, and maybe she deserved it. Because under all that weave was relaxed hair "ready for the world". lol. I loved the article. Hilarious!

I LOVE her blog...
i agree her sarcasm is hilarious!!!
i hardly think she was being dead serious....& she always looks gorgeous w. her natural face & light make up...

I get what she was trying to do, but she really just sounded like a jackass to me. I need another black woman singing the praises of her (tired) weave like I need a hole in my head. Child Bye!

Uhm.. lol *blinks*

Uhhhh, her tone makes me think she wanted to be sarcastic, but isn't really at all.

"Nothing like a new batch of zig-zag curly to get your self esteem out of the dumps!" If women could stop for a sec, they would realize how 'zig-zag" curly their real hair is. Ha.

Sometimes when we think we're being funny or light with a subject, we show just how deep that thing really is to us.

She was JOKING, people! And it was funny. Start talking about hair and folks lose their sense of humor real quick.

And for the record, there are too many people with natural hair looking down upon and judging black folk with weaves and relaxers. I have a TWA but that doesn't make me better than a sistah with tracks. Nappy or straight, we're still black.

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