Macy Gray's DWTS Promo

Do We Love This?

9 Responses:

As Whitney in the Bobby Brown era would say, Hell to the Naw!

That is NOT a good look for Macy AT ALL. From head to toe that look is a loser. Who styled that? Every other ballroom/latin dance costume I've seen looks far less matronly and much more sexy.


Macy needs to give my grandmama back her shoes...the color of her dress is too similar to her skin tone.

I'll tell you what I don't love, that outfit or those shoes, UGH!! Hair, that's typical Macy Gray, from the neck up we love, neck down, boooooo.

lol. can't wait to see how the show goes down before i can say much... i must confess its going to be interesting

Not a fan of the outfit. Hair is fine, she's been wearing an afro for a while. I'll be interested to see how they style it for her performances. I bet $300 that none of the stylists on DWTS know how to work with and style Macy's hair.

Why would they put her in this? It does nothing for her! It looks awful.

i agree with Nicole. Macy might have to do her own hair to save it from getting jacked up. LOL. But I don't know... Some of these non black stylists do better on our hair than our own. smh...

I mean grant it she has this Bohemian/I have my own style, but dang they haven't heard of colors? I'm quite sure it wouldn't look bad if it were in a teal or aquamarine color (and with the help of a Bedazzler).

They are dancing SHOES people. She looks great. She is a pretty woman.

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