One Of My Proudest Moments


The other morning, my 3 year old (pictured above) told me "Mommy, I want to wear my hair longer like yours". I asked, "what do you mean"? She replied "with lots and lots of long hair".

My heart warmed and a tear dropped as I styled her hair. She was so happy that we did an impromptu photoshoot before we left for school. We are on day 3 and she is so happy with her "longer" hair. I know detangling is going to be a nightmare, but so worth it to see her proudly show off her curls and kinks.

Have a good day!

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awwwww.. such a beautiful child!

She is ravishing...shoo I want hair like hers!

Such a cutie:-) Pls post her hair regime, just want to get an idea on how to help my lil cousin's hair flourish.

Her curls are gorgeous and she is such a little beauty queen!! So adorable!!

she is soo beautiful and that hair is amazing!! I Love it!! teaching them other Pre-K kiddies how to WORK!

ADOOOORABLE! Can I just squeeze her?

Aww she's adorable. Congrats on teaching her such pride in her beautiful hair. I hope she always wants to embrace her natural beauty.

beautiful little girl...with beautiful hair!

She is just too adorable and her hair is gorgeous!

Me likey!!!!! She certainly has the poses down!!!!

UC OMGoodness! She is gorgeous and her hair looks amazing!!

She a very pretty little girl.The hair style super cute too.She has a lovely smile too:D

Absolutely Gorgeous.

Her hair is beautiful and so is she!

She a real beauty! I love that proud smile and how she rocking the bows! :-)

omg she looks so cute, props to you for letting her rock those curls, some mothers would never. Wow! she has hair just like me and my sister it makes me wanna walk into the junior high with my hair like that LOVE IT! :)

What a beauty!!! You have every reason to be proud.

Tell her to never stop smiling.

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