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In case you were working today like me, here's a recap of the Tyra Show Season 5 premiere. Remember today was dedicated to rocking your "real" hair and Tyra revealed what her "real" hair looks like. I missed the entire show so I really can't say divulge what messages she sent in this episode, but I'm glad that she put it out there that we should not expect this to be a regular thing. Which, in itself is a mixed message. Nonetheless, I think her hair "real" hair is fabulous and looks better than the weave. So I don't see what problem she would have rocking it everyday. But that's just me.

Anyway, here's a snippet. Did any of you see the show? If so, please fill us in.

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If she's natural then I am Buddha reincarnated.

although not "natural", her hair looked lovely. she actually plans to wear her real hair throughout the season, only wearing wigs intermittently.

I do not believe for one minute that this is her "real hair", I try hard to watch her shows and appreciate what she is doing. I think she is so over the top and fake and I will not be fake about this. I definitely do not believe this is her "real hair". What a joke whatever we decide to do with our hair should be our own business. I do not knock people who wear weave, or relax their hair. I think it's up to whatever makes that individual happy. Just do not pretend that you care whether or not we wear our "real hair" or not. This irritates the hell out of me.

its her real hair, episode was ehhh nothing too special, her hair stylist did her hair during the show. dont believe shes natural tho...its like a catch 22 tho...people talk bout her & say shes bald & she should chill w. some of the weaves/wigs... & then when she wears her real hair and announces it...shes being fake and wants attn.....

but um,
the only thing i did like about the show was that she had this one biracial girl on there who said that her white side would not acknowledge the fact that she was blk & tried to cover it up even by shaving head...she always flat ironed her hair & no one had ever seen her hair curly...on the show she finally wore her hair curly....i jus thought that was a nice story....

I don't see why she had to prove to anyone what her real hair looks like, considering some women will still have an issue with it.

Silly Tyra, natural is curly, not permed dear :/

It was basically a non-event. She's so unoriginal (ex. Oprah shows audience her real hair, now Tyra shows audience her real hair). I wished she would have taken it once step further by announcing her plans to transition. Anywho, I didn’t expect anything so I was not disappointed.

Tyra never said her hair was natural she said she was going to wear her 'real' hair. relaxed hair is just as real as natural hair in my opinion.

@ Tanya, when she initially marketing her season premier it was called "natural" hair day. They then changed it to "real" hair day.

to miss anonymous....then wasn't your above comment about tyra being silly obsolete? she realized that she couldn't say natural because she in fact wasn't natural...so she changed it to real hair day...and that IS her real hair so i don't see what the problem is...i mean...it's not as dramatic as it would have been if she decided to go natural but hey...what can we say...everyone isn't 'real' enough to except every part of themselves...including their natural hair....but did anyone see the girl at the beginning? with her natural hair and she had that scarf/flower in it ...i thought that was hott..

@ Rachel, Anon 5:35am here, you need to calm down. I was simply stating a fact in response to Tanya's comment. Peace and hair grease.

I don't see why she has to wear a weave, her hair is fine. Anyhow, she didn't say natural, she said real.

I thought her hair looked nice. How do we know she just didn't flat iron and curl? When I flat iron my natural fro...it looks like I have a relaxer.

I mean really...some naturals really get on too high of a horse to see common sense and be reasonable. As much as I love to rock my fro...everyone is not there yet.

Eh. Glad there's something under the hair hats.

It was really uninteresting but kudos

I didn't watch the show I just saw a clip. I was surprised at how long her hair "real" or "natural" was, whatever... and it looked nice but I do think the show was a waste of time. I mean who is really going around talking about what Tyra's hair looks like. Why is the emphasis always on her? her body, her skin, her her, her... or Top Model which is by her.. just boring

I wanted to watch this episode, but I didn't get a chance to.

Not everyone can expose their hair to the stresses of daily styling (blowdry, flat-iron) and the heat of the studio lights without suffering from extreme breakage. As crazy as they look, her lacefronts actually are protecting her hair and allow her to avoid looking like Ms Naomi Campbell in the years to come. Naomi wore weaves to death & suffers from traction alopecia, something Tyra avoids by wearing LFs.

I don't know why everyone thought Trya was going to expose some afro. She's still Tyra. Still rocking the relaxed do.

This is clearly her real hair. You can definitely tell. But it is relaxed and that is obvious. However, nothing wrong with that, if it's what she prefers. Also, she will probably only wear her real hair sometimes because of the damage she would cause to wear it everyday. They are going to do all kinds of styling to her hair on a regular basis because it's TV and that would damage it.

It was wet. My hair tends to look a LOT looser than it is when it is wet. When she comes out with it dry (wash it, moisturize it and let it dry) I will get excited. Until then no dice.

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