An Unnaturally Long Journey

Written by Wendy "Dia" Albouy

This may sound crazy, but it has taken me over 7 years to finally maintain and keep my hair natural. Up until now I was caught in the vicious cycle of growing natural hair only to surrender to the magnetic pull of a texturizer every time I became frustrated with managing my hair. I am amazed at how easy it was for me to return to chemicals time and time again even though I knew it was unhealthy.

As I look back over my many failed attempts at achieving natural hair I realize that I lacked patience when it came to handling my unfamiliar hair texture. Learning to be patient didn’t happen overnight but with consistent care (treatments, covering my hair with a satin cap at night, proper nutrition and using products geared for natural black hair) I began to appreciate my kinky tresses and in time my strands became less coarse and more manageable. Sure I still have frustrating hairstyling days, but I now go with the flow. After all there is nothing that a good headband can’t fix!

I achieved natural hair this time around because I made sure I armed myself with proper hair care information. Through the Internet and books there are unlimited amounts of information and guidelines available to help any woman return to her natural roots. I found it encouraging reading and learning from the success stories of countless women who have made a commitment to staying natural.

Another very important ingredient that was missing from my other attempts to have unprocessed hair was natural hair care products. Through trial and error I realize that my hair flourishes when I incorporate products that are derived from Mother Nature. My strands love herbs, oils and infusions and with continued use the dryness I was often plagued with in the past has really come under control. Brands such as Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk and Hair Mask and Jane Carter Solutions Shampoo and Conditioner are really amazing.

Of all the things that made my natural hair journey a lasting decision, acceptance was the most important step. When I finally accepted the hair I was blessed with at birth and I let go of my unrealistic ideals of what my hair would never be. Once I embraced the hair texture that God blessed me an unnaturally long journey turned into a rewarding experience. Today my hair is vibrant and healthy and my decision to have natural hair was unmistakably the best decision I have ever made!

6 Responses:

That was a great entry. It's exactly what I needed to tell my sister. I literally quoted Wendy's entire last paragragh to her

Great info....
I'm still learning to accept my natural crown :)
Thanks Wens....

That was a great article. I am constantly looking to improve my hair health and will have to try some of the products you posted.

Nice Work Cuz,

You are my inspiration. Learning to love who we are continues to be difficult for black women. Our lips, our noses, our thighs, our hips, and our hair are all blessings. Understanding who we are in Christ, helps us to feel loves. God knew what we would look like before we were born and he then reminds us in His word that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Simply Awesome!

Wen, I didn't have your patience, nor did I totally let go of the chemicals because I was still texturizing my hair every 6 weeks or so. Perhaps one day I can try this again and be less hasty to give up!! Keep doing what you're doing and keep loving the experience!!

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