Cali B Loves Her Hair

Now this is what I call...Loving your hair. I haven't had one of these days in a long time.

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4 Responses:

Git it, girl! I feel ya! I haven't had one of those days in a while. And seeing as the Fall weather has set in, it's going to be a little longer.

Her hair is gorgeous! All that body!

Great video - thanks for shairng :o)

I love this blog, but can we get some more diversity in regards to hair type/texture, especially when it comes to videos? Not all natural hair moves and bounces. Would like to see more tuts, vids and pics of kinkier hair. Thanks.

@Anonymous, the information, tips, and all are representative of all types of curlz. I also do videos of type 4 hair as well. Just last week, I posted a video of Andrea of Flygirls, blog. And will post another of her tomorrow. So, why I welcome the constructive criticism, please know that this blog is for all types of curlz. Not just 3 hair, because I am 4 hair too. And our hair bounce too, just takes little longer. :)

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