Hot or a Hot Mess? Macy Gray

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hot mess from her heard to her feet.
macy never had any sense of style, she really doesnt care how she looks..
the hair isnt shaped nice...the hair itself is pretty but the styling is gotdamn horrible.
that outfit looks like something from Sears.

It's hot. I love it. it fits her

I think it fits her sense of insanity. :]

That hairstyle is completely hawt. Not only does it fit her personality but it's a style that others can wear nicely.


she looks like heat miser, from the year without santa claus, hahahahahahahahahahaha

but it does fit her: macy gray has a very unique personality and sense of style.

I love the height, color, texture and volume. She should have softened it up and pulled the sides and back down. It's too Don King meets Ronald McDonald to be taken seriously. LOL

her hair looks like a fireplace

Miss Foxy Not so Brown it Macy Gray's thing why put a sister down i thing she looks as beautiful as she sings go Macy, go Macy

Hot as hell! This is who Macy is, a fashion maverick who self-defines her own style. Always have been and always will be uniquely her own. That's what I like about people like her, they dress for themselves and not to impress others. Why attempt to fit in when you already stand out?

It's not my style but it is Macy's and for that reason alone, it's hot. Rock whatever the **** you wanna rock :)

Aww, what's wrong with shopping at Sears? Most people posting have probably got something from there.. if it IS from Sears, I'm glad Macy isn't "too good" for it. Just because someone is a singer/song writer who makes good money doesn't mean they don't dig the simple stuff.

I love It! It fits Macy`s personality! I have seen worst on her!

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