Hot or a Hot Mess: Rhianna

Are we feeling Rhi Rhi's slicked back look?

10 Responses:

Edgy iLOVEit! You never know what to expect with her!

Love! Love! Love!

i like the greaser-esque look on her

That is not cute, ew. I don't like it at all.

Not sure how I feel about this look??? Let's more importantly divert and take a look at that jacket!!

It makes her look more like an alien princess than ever.

However, it is cool that she is edgy and rocks her look with style. Go Rihanna - repping my country Barbados (lol!!.)

At first I wasn't too sure about this but I like to see people push the borders. I like it when women are bold and do something that may be considered "risky" to others. Although the look is something I doubt I would do, I believe that she is and can work it.

I say "Go girl. Do your thing".

I kept trying to think and honestly this look i'm just not feeling. She' makes it work I guess but I personally don't like it but hey it's her hair lol.

My mom likes it though. I personally would do that outfit! Yes the torn jeans and errythang just not the hair lol.

Rihanna looks more crazy every time I see her. She did look cute at first, but now...

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