It's That Time of Year Again

Yes ladies, fall is here and its that time to start utiliziing protective styles to retain moisture and length as we go through these fall and winter months. For the past few weeks, I've been trying to decide what I am going to do with my hair this fall to protect my ends, but unfortunately haven't come up with any solutions. So I am turning to you for help.

What are your favortite solutions for fall/winter protective styles?

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I've already begun. I just got some Redken Extreme Conditioner from the Nordstrom Rack, the larget jar I could find. Then I purchased 3 pounds of raw and pure shea butter from Ghana Africa. I added my essential oils to it like jojoba oil and vitamin e. I started yesterday since the weather is just starting to change here in Los Angeles CA. Oh and I decided to only shampoo once a month, the rest with be washing with conditioner and apple cider vinegar.

I plan on drinking lots and lots of water. I recently fell in love with Organics Deep Conditioner with Olive Oil. I will wash once a month with shampoo, but cowash every week and deep condition every week. Protective styling will be twists (moisturizing them everyday with Aussie Moist and coconut oil) and wigs.

This weekend I just put in a set of 2x twists with braided roots. I highly recommended braiding the roots because they lay perfectly and also last longer. I'm basically going to leave these twists in all winter. I'm going to wash or cowash and deep condition every week, then redo the twists after I wash. I'm going to restock my qhemet biologics products. My plan is to pre-poo with vatika oil, cowash with tj nourish spa or wash with diluted castille soap, deep condition with aubreys organics or cholesterol conditioner, moisturize with qb then seal with castor oil. Daily moisturizer with be darcy's botanicals peach milk or transition cream, sealed with vatika oil.

This is my first natural winter, but I just started using Garnier Fructisse Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner and my hair has been pretty happy.

By the end of the month, my hair will be in Senegalese twists, put in my moi, and that's the way it will stay until March or April. I will redo the twists every two months. This nj winter weather is NO JOKE and my hair hates it.

I was wondering what I'm going to do. I can't braid, my hair is too thin to wear my twists in what protective styles are good for us girls who are not so skilled in styling with braids & twists? thanks

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