Liya Kebede for H&M Fall Campaign




I ♥ her hair! View more photos on CLUTCH
5 Responses:

I lovin' the hair, too! Along w/the overall look.

Liya has always been one of my all time favorite models. I adore her! Her hair is so LUSH in these pics!!!

I was talking about this ad last week. I like the photos but her ends have been ravaged. I don't find straight ends mixed with waves and curls to be cute. I hope her hair was blown out and they textured it as opposed to that being her natural texture with heat damage. Because that's how it looks.

i luv this look. i actually went out and brought the last outfit! And it looks so cute on and comfortable.

Looks blown out and crimped, to me, Hypnotic. In other pics where Liya's hair looks natural, it was curlier and not so wavy.

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