Photo O' Day: Instant Afro Gum

One of my co-workers brought this back from a business trip to Texas. I don't know whether I am flattered or insulted. Not by my co-worker, she is the best. I'm talking about the wrapping, the afro, the whole concept of the gum. What are your thoughts?
5 Responses:

Both LOL. Feel flattered because like I say in my comments on "Regrets", other ethnicities ask how do we get our hair like this...not from gum LOL

I think it's funny. Kind of flattering, also. If there had been a derogatory statement on the wrapper, I'd be upset.

loooool..i think its cute. but i had to google it first cause i didnt think it was like LITERAL CHEWING gum. i thought maybe it was a product you put in your hair and the texture of it was real sticky and thick and thats y they called it gum. but nooooo its CHEWING GUM! LMAOOOO im not offended at all. HA!

thats really cute! i live in texas but i have'nt seen. do you where she bought it from?

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