Pucker Up: Vinegar Hair Rinse

"Pucker Up – a distilled white vinegar rinse is a great in the shower frizz fighting technique all hair types can add to their regime to banish frizz. The technique is fast and easy and requires 1 common household item.

Rinse hair with warm water to remove product. Skip shampooing.
Apply vinegar directly to hair and scalp. I like to use a bottle with spout top for easy distribution. Gently massage. Rinse. Condition as usual.

Not only is vinegar great at reducing frizz by sealing the cuticle by restoring it to its natural ph balance, but it also removes build up and adds sheen, leaving tresses feeling soft as a baby’s bum. WORD OF CAUTION; avoid over indulging in this quick fix, straw like tresses will be the result. Do so 1x every 2 weeks for the best results."

Tip of the day provided by Mahisha Dellinger, curly-haired expert and creator of the CURLS organic hair collection. Visit Curlz.biz for more of Mahisha's frizz fighting tips and ingredients for at-home recipes to fight frizz naturally.
3 Responses:

Using ACV as a clarifier and shampoo is old school...for me. My mother would use acv rinses all the time growing up...to make sure the hair was clear of standard shampoo and to close the cuticle. The word of caution is apt. DON'T over use this...I do it 1x/month after my shampoo.

I have used ACV I wonder whats the difference and what the best recipe. U just can't pour it on ur scalp.

I tired it last night and it actually worked pretty nice.

This message is to Diamonds and curls. If I can't just pour it on your scalp - so I would please like to know how it should be used?I want to try a white vinegar rinse. SHould it be diluted?

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