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So now that I am back from my well deserved hiatus, I was looking at some of the fabulous blogs that I follow. One being Chocolate Orchid and I noticed she straightened her hair after a year and a half. Oh, it looked so fabulous and I can't believe how long it was even after snipping two inches off. Hotness!

Anyway, but after battling the humidity and I am sure a little sweat from the Maxwell concert (that's another post) on Monday night, she found herself battling frizz. And here is the question she asked her readers.

"If and when you've straightened your hair, what did you use to battle the frizzies?" Chocolate Orchid

My answer: Frizz and blowouts go hand and hand. It's really hard to maintain a blowout when there is any type of humidity in the air. So it's best to wear the hair pulled up in a ponytail or don a jazzy scarf to cover your hair to prevent it from frizzing.

If your unable and your hair succumbs frizzes, don't fret because you can still do damage control. As soon as your able, wrap your hair in a doobie, then securely wrap a satin scarf around it. This should straighten the hair back out.

One thing that I have learned from experience is that your hair will revert and give in to frizz more easily on the first few blowouts because it's not use to the straightening. My hair reverts at the drop of any humidity. While my daughter's hair rarely reverts even when wet by rain, but that's because her hair is used to being straightened.

So ladies, what is your answer to Cheris' delimma? How do you do to prevent frizzies on pressed tresses? Please share. Oh, and don't forget to check out Cheris' hair...just fab.

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Thanks for the compliment & info, Lady!! And the mention! I am certainly taking notes seeing as this is new to me.

I know this is a big no-no amongst kinky/curly girls but leave-ins and styling products containing mineral oil will usually help A LOT with combating frizz.

Try Diva Smooth; the honey seals the cuticle. or Aveda's Anti Humectant.
I heard Diva Smooth works well. Every hair type "responds" differently.

I am currently transitioning (6months strong!! :])and I blew out and straightened my hair for the first time since my last perm and incidentally it rained that night. When I walked out the house this morning my fly hair INSTANTLY frizzed and poofed. Frizz is definitely new to me (I've been permed since i was 8 and i'm now 15) but all i can do is embrace it! :)
My hair actually looks kinda cute puffy. lol.

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