Sometimes I can really do some last minute- spontaneous- know I am gonna regret this tomorrow but oh well-type of things. And along my journey to natural, I have had many of these moments with cutting, coloring, straightening, and the list goes on and on. The only good thing is that with each regret, there has always been a lesson learned.

I don't know if you remember but a few months ago, I thought it was an awesome idea to cut blunt bangs. Well, this is my current disaster that I am living through. See when I decided to cut my bang, I did it to wear my hair straight. And they look fabulous --while my hair is straight. However the problem is when my hair is in it's curly state, it shrinks up and looks like a poodle puff. Most days, I can get away with blending it with the rest of my hair (seen here), but it's just those days when it doesn't act right. Thank God it's growing out.

Trust me this is by far not the only thing I've regretted over the past almost four years. Coloring is another. It looked great and I was a happy camper to have my tresses adorned with permanent red spice. You couldn't tell me anything...until I realized how hard it is to get the red out. I've tinted, henna'd, even applied a permanent black but the red keeps seeping through. However, the takeaway is that I am left with nutmeg ends that I am complimented on all the time. I just get tickled inside when someone asked me how I achieved this color because I know it was simply by accident.

I knew I couldn't be the only one out there with regrets and wanted to hear from others, so I asked some of my Facebook friends what were some of there biggest regrets, and many of them had some interesting responses. Here are a just few:

"COLORING but so Addictive, Not going Natural SOONER!!" -Shannon

"Not becoming educated on healthy hair maintenance i.e. regular trims, deep conditioning, moisturizing." -Paulette

"Not going natural a lot sooner and not protecting my ends." -Courtney

"1) hating my curls 2) not changing it up enough..." -Landi

For more click here. So what are some of your regrets?
4 Responses:

I think my biggest regret recently is cutting my hair off. I loved the short look, but missed my long hair, especially when it was curly. I have highlights and don't regret it so far. I want more drastic when my hair grows back out and the highlights stand out in the natural curls. Years ago I regret keeping a perm for so long as a child. Think I had one from 7th grad till freshman year of college. Have not had perm since then.

My biggest regret is not appreciating my naturally curly, thick and long hair as a teenager. I guess I just wanted to be like everyone else and have a perm, even though I didn't need one. My hair went from bsl and thick, to fine and barely shoulder length. I promise to do much better, and appreciate my hair and the versatility of being natural for the rest of my life.

I don't have regrets...but if I could change something, then I wouldn't have let those hairstylists fry my hair for the fashion show that I was in, last November.

My hair was literally frying backstage, smoking up the area so much that the fire exit door had to be opened to prevent the smoke alarms from going off. She set the flat iron to the highest possible setting (230 degrees celcius?) and kept going over my hair, over and over again...especially around my hairline. She saw napptural hair as a challenge that could only be conquered with extreme heat and drastic measures.

Almost a year later, I still have straightish peices...still nursing my hair back to health. I miss my curls.

Definitely not going natural sooner and being ashamed of my beautiful curls, thinking the corporate world will not like it...but deep down, caucasians love it. They ask me all the time: "are you biracial" or "how do you get your hair to do that"? I like my self identity, now I hate wearing it straight cause I look like everyone else.

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