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I've gotten a few emails on how to protect the hair at night, without the use of bonnets or scarfs. Many people, including myself find that satin bonnets still cause curls to smash. So, I started using the faux hawk method. This style protects the curls from being crushed because the curls are pushed to the top of the head. This method works well with short to long hair. Not to mention, it's a little sexier than that ole bonnet. lol.

Step 1: You will need 4 or more big duck bill clips
I found these at Sally's Beauty Supply for $2.99

Step 2: Loosely pin up one side of your hair as high as you can without stretching the curl

Step 3: Pin up the next side creating a faux hawk

Step 4: this is not really a step, but as you can see, still a little sexier than the bonnet...yuck

Step 5: Remove clips, finger fluff curls and go...P.S. Don't forget your satin/silk pillowcase!

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Thank you! Because the night routine does not work for the next-day curl...

Thanks, can you let us know what you used to style your hair in this pic.

I'm soo happy to see more of you in your blog... You and your hair are just gorgeous : )

Thanks for the tip!!!

Lovely UC!!! Ur hair looks gorgeous :D

Thanks for the pictorial instructions. I'll try this next time I wear my hair loose.

And btw, you are workin' the camera, Lady! Lol.

@Anonymous, I am currently using Acclaim Olive Oil Foam Setting lotion and Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment. For some reason, these two work well with my curls.

THANKS Hon! Guess what I'll be doing tonight?!?!?

Hey, I'm a bit confused to be honest. Do you go to bed with the clips in your hair or not? Sorry if that's a silly question...

Thanks for this! Now I wish I had read this before I retwisted my hair lol...there hasn't been a nightly routine that has given me great 2nd day hair...I'm gonna try this tomorrow

Thank YOU! Day 5 of transitioning and I have been twisting my hair every nite. I am definitely gonna trythis.....besides I hate sleepin in a scarf with - not sexy at all!

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