Corrine's New Look

Corrine Bailey Ray at the 2009 Q Awards. I am so loving this new look on her. This is a fabulous, fabulous roller set! I want to try this...

11 Responses:

how do you know its a rollerset? looks like a twistout to me.

I can tell by looking at the top of her hair. It also looks like a twist out too, but when you look at the top, you can see that those are curls set on rollers, not twists.

She's looks beautiful and yea that look def looks like it was achieved with rollers.

The whole look is pure hotness..and yes that's definitely rollerset

I simply adore her innocent aura, she also looks so adorable! That's my girl!! I still blast her CD :-)

JMO it look like the top/font curls were done with a curling iron for a more defined look.
The fact that the ends or her hair in the back are atraight and not curled ruled out the roller set for me. Just observing, I too said "hmm" about the roller set label. Not a big deal though.

She looks fab and it's good to see her out and about again since her huband's death.

I am loving her look. Gorgeous!

I loooove her hair, it has really grown. I know she obviously had to take some time off, but I'm so glad she's back.

Wow, she looks fabulous!!! I'm so happy she is back!

OK, I have to replicate this for my holiday hair...this is a MUST!!!

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