Hair Style O' Day: Up Do Me

UrbanCurlz reader, Prudence shows off her first updo. Updos are great protective styles and alternatives on bad hair/rainy days. Throw in a flower accessory as seen here and rock it out. Loves it!

Happy Monday!

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Who's that cute chick with the FLY, that's me :}...I like her! LOL

It looks fabulous! I love it!

I love it, it's a very classy throw back look. And we know how I love vintage. A++ for creativity and confidence.

Prudence doll, we need a TUT ASAP!!!! THis is too HAUTE!!!! Is there a youtube? A fotki? Something, PLEASE!! Can you tell I'm feeling the

Marsha....I am chuckling a bit.....Thanks. Nope, I don't have a youtube or a fokti ....just playing around in the house. The truth is that I didn't have anyplace to go that day and was just trying to delay washing my hair. But I will see what I can do for a video or tutorial...just for UC!

I like the hair do,...when your hair is not in an up do what do you normally do to it? have you heard of a product called Curly Majic. it defines and holds your curls as well as eliminates the frizz, you should try it looking at your hair type i think you would like it. just from one female to another

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