Hot or a Hot Mess: Derek J

Our favorite celebrity stylist--Derek J on the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards held in Atlanta, GA. Gotta love Derek J...
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I guess different strokes for different folks, but could Derek's trousers at least fit him a bit better.

Hot. Hot. Hot. Mess.

lord knows i've seen him look at hot mess. but this is hot for him. good job

Isn't his 15 minutes up?

hahahahahahahahahahaha. Do I really need to answer this? A mess!

The blood of Jesus!

This is a hot freaking mess but what makes it look so bad is he is too chubby for this look. HOT MESS

Hot mess although I am mad he works those heels so well while I'm still working on balance LOL.

Anom what makes this look so bad is that he's a male trying to rock this look IMO. A big girl could wear it well his build is not meant for this mess.

Oh and pending the big girl knows better than trying to rock skinny jeans oppose to fitting jeans that shapes her curves.

Okay, I'm all for self expression. But when did it really become okay for men to truly TRY to rock women's styles (skinny jeans, heels, purses, etc)??? I'm fine with him being gay, but he can dress oh so much more appropriately. This is tragic.

I have to agree with the majority. Hot mess!!!

"WHAT NOT TO WEAR" lol. none of that stuff goes together at all atall.

Derek's purse game is always ON POINT. But this right here? H.A.M.

Hot Mess. Did ya'll see his mess in "Good Hair" SMH

HOT. MESS. Lets forget for a moment that he is a man. Even if a women wore this exact thing, she'd look horrible. When will people learn that FIT is everything! No matter your shape, no matter your budget, if your clothes fit you properly, you can look fabulous. He is busting out of his clothes and has bulges in all the wrong places. Its horribly wrong. Who (besides Kim Zolciak) would allow him to style them?

Oh my! I'm surprised he doesn't explode out of those jeans

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