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Shakira attended the Rolling Stone cover and release party for her new album “She Wolf” showing off her new look, dreadlocks. Personally, I think they are fabulous. What do you think?
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White people with matted hair (or locks as they'd like to call them) is NOT ok.

HOT MESS! I agree with anon. Locks on straight hair look terrible. Plus it feels somewhat exploitative.

Not a fan. She looks like she used that Conair drying contraption that twists hair.

I actually dig it cause I love that grungy hippie look on chicks, it makes you do a double take :)
The roots look a little odd but once they mature, I'm sure they'll look really cool.

I really like Shakira...but
Unless she's becoming an Rastafarian...I don't get it.

There are lots of ppl with dreads that are not Rastas. And these aren't even real dreads. She's doing her thing and thats what makes her HER. Luvs it!

I've seen worse...Although, I think they would look even better in a shorter cut.

...Not that bad...Not that good for that matter

You guys are freaking KILLING ME.

First of all, its obvious that NONE of you people know what REAL DREADS look like, because Shakira is sporting TEMPORARY TWISTS. They are NOT DREADLOCKS, so you all FAIL.

And for all you bigots who call dread dirty, you need to educate yourselves before you go about bashing people who choose a certain hairstyle.

I'm willing to bet that most of you WOMEN who posted about this pic are all MAKE-UP WEARERS...well, while we're on the subject of disgusting, MAKE UP IS BAD FOR YOUR SKIN. It clogs your pores and interrupts the natural balance of oils on you skin, which is why you all look like HAGS when you AREN'T wearing makeup.

Doesn't feel so good to be poked fun at, does it ladies?


hope they are dreads more hot chicks should get dreads =))

those are twists!!!!angelena jolie had TWISTS in gone in 60 seconds too.stop saying they are dreads when theyre not!!!im a white girl with dreads and its just ridiculous that everyone is doing this fake/synthetic dreads. dreads are a natural hairstyle!and theyre not dirty you retards!!

okay stop crying. you need twists first before they turn into dreads. you gotta start somewhere right? maybe shes in the process. so stop bashing her cuz they didnt lock up the second she stepped out of the door. and they really arent dirty my girlfriend has them and i love helping her our with them. they arent dirty at all

there is nothing wrong with dreads/twists. I just think they look good on some peolpe and sloppy on others. On our friend Shakira here, it kinda just looks like she hasn't showered in abou 3 weeks. She is not rockin this do. I think she looked much better before.

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