Janelle Monae In Concert

Janelle Monae Performs at the Kia Motors “The Soul Collective” this past weekend in Hollywood. I love her, but...
5 Responses:

But what?! Lol.

Luuuv me some Janelle Monae. She was one of my original inspirations for going natural. =)

LOL...But I want to see more variety from her. I'm ready for change. She is a such a versatile artist that I feel she can be more inspirational in music, fashion and hair.

I would like to see a different look also.

I love JM! She makes a statement even if her hair and color scheme remain the same Lol. She is awesome!

I have to say that JM is a very versatile artist, that being said, I love her look because it's always constant. Lol, it's classic...it's her statement, I dig it. Kudos, JM...kudos!

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