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I was inspired to by the KimmayTube video to open up dialogue about the movie Precious. I went to see this film over the weekend with a group of fabulous natural friends, I must add. However, I know that it's not open in all cities, so I will attempt to keep this write up high level as not to go into too many details and give away the movie. That way, I won't blow it for those of you who are waiting feverishly to view it.

However, from the previews alone many of you can tell that the movie is dealing with a number of cycles-self hatred, abuse, lack of education. I mainly want to focus on the self hatred but to be honest I think all three issues go hand in hand to create the bigger problem.

First, let me add that the movie was excellent, thought-provoking and heart wrenching. But even with all of the intensity and the different conflicts, I still can't get out of my head how the character Precious, viewed herself and beauty.

From the opening of the movie, She said "I want a light skin boyfriend with really nice hair". This one sentence really sums up how the character feels about herself and what she viewed as beautiful or desired. This attitude was very common amongst African Americans in the 80's, the era in which the movie was set. But the saddest part is that two almost three decades later, this very attitude still exists. It exists amongst the media, the workplace, the black community, ***the natural hair community and saddest of all-in our kids.

The video by KimmayTube focuses on some great points, please view it, if you haven't, but I can't reiterate enough how genetics plays an important role in the makeup of who we are. Genetics influence our skin color, our hair type, our shape, etc. If I can give you a take away from this post...Embrace your genetics and inspire our youth to do the same. The cycle of self-hatred is so pervasive in our community and has to stop. It's so heart breaking to know that this movie was based on attitudes of people 22 years ago, yet still involves issues we face today. We haven't evolved much at all, people.

What are your thoughts on this?

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3 Responses:

I saw the movie, also. And when she made that statement about wanting a "light-skinned boyfriend with really nice hair" my heart stung. I find it unfortunate and sometimes, shocking that there are people who still think this way. I would hope that in 2009, people would have evolved beyond this but sadly the answer is "No, not entirely." I often wonder how much longer will it take for people to truly appreciate their own beauty.

People of color all over the world hate themselves because they have been conditioned to believe that to be Caucasian is better. This self-hatred permeates throughout humanity. I see all women of color as beautiful and so do those who hate us. They hate on us because they hate themselves. Other's will not accept our beauty until we learn to love it, celebrate it and embrace it.

Amen Anonymous. I couldn't have said it any better.

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