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So I've been attached to the Bumble and Bumble web site the last few days trying to learn more about their products and how they can benefit curlies. I'm not sure if many of you know, but Tanika Ray and all of her fabulousness swears by B&B products. So I've had my eyes on the products for a while, but was afraid to kick out the $24 for the Styling lotion. Call me cheap. However, UC reader and urbanista Prudence brought this product to my attention the other day when she asked me if I ever tried it. I haven't but, trust me...I am planning especially after stalking their site all weekend.

The site is a wealth of information...videos, how tos and salon directories. I was especially impressed with their recipes. I found the below recipe for Sabrina (model shown above)

*Prepare hair with Tonic.
*Work Calming Creme through hair, beginning at the nape, moving forward.
*Lift & squeeze curls as you go.
*Dry with diffuser.
*Restore bounce the next day (or the day after) with Reactivating Mist

Learn more about Sabrina's look and Bumble and Bumble here.

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4 Responses:

This model's hair looks fabulous, but for $75 worth of product to get this look, I think I'll wait for your review (wink)

Okay...just between us, you can find most of these products in TJ Maxx for half of the price.

It doesn't matter how much Bumble and Bumble I buy, my hair will not look like that models. I will stick with my expensive Kinky Curly until someone with 4 type hair reviews it with pictures.

Her hair looks gorgeous! But what can B&B do to my 4a hair? I'll check out the website later.

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