Video | Beyonce & Lady GaGa

Hot video!
5 Responses:

The dance break was pretty awesome.

Loved it...very different..

that video was hot hot hot! is it just me, or does beyonce kinda look like rihanna in the first 30 seconds or so?

Horrible. It makes no sense. Worst Bey video. And I love her so much!This WAS one of my favorite songs on the album :((

Lady Gaga looks best when she has tons of make up on and weird clothes. when she sings HER songs she is fantastic! Not when she sings someone else's song. When you put her in a vid with Bey it just does not work.

And the song itself is not good. They just cut out beyonces second verse and pasted Gaga's voice on it. The whole make up of the song is tacky. You can tell that they did not actually go into the booth and remix the song

The hair Voguing is soooooo Leyomi Mizrahi. Somebody has been up on youtube!

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