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For better or worse, Rhianna kept us on our toes all year waiting to see what she would do next with her hair. She shaved it, colored it, cropped it, slicked it and spiked it not caring who liked it--this is why I have to honor her as having the best celeb hair in 2009.

Ms. Solo shocked us all when she decided to do a big chop and rock a TWA. The curly girls went wild and we loved that someone was bold enough to step outside of the mold and represent for the natural ladies.

Corrine Bailey Ray hopped back on the scene rocking a fierce more grown up roller set that made us all smile. Loves it!

Teyana gave us more of the same although she tried to color it and straighten it at one point. We will forever love her big, curly locks.

Alicia did not disappoint this year. She showed us a more versatile side as she switched up hairstyles. This was my favorite.

I think I covered them all...well except Cassie. I think she is worth a mention with the shaved sides. Nonetheless, feel free to add your honorable mentions in the comments, if I missed any.

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I agree with all of these choices. I would add Shingai Shoniwa to the list too.

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