Do We Love It: Kerry Hilson

So Kerry Hilson has been spotted lately rocking longer tresses. I'm kinda loving it. What about you?
6 Responses:

She's had longer hair before, I think the most striking change is the colour. I like it, but I think she looks funkier and more vibrant with the blonde and the short hair makes her look edgier. This makes her look more mature. Her name is Keri by the way.

Hmm I like it too but something about those ends irk me LOL. She does look more mature with either the length or the way her makeup was done but I'm diggin the color most! She always looks beautiful!

I agree with Da Jadedpoet. The top part looks good, but the wispy bits hanging down just look stringy and weird. Imo, it would look a lot better if she got rid of those.

I'm so distracted by the side-boobage that I can't comment on the hair. Where has class gone?

I like the top of it, but the sides of it just don't do it for me.

I'm with

The boob shot throws the whole look off, so I'm not feeling it. Alright, you have cleavage. We get that. Why do celebrities feel the need to show what gender they are when it's quite apparent? :/

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