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This is a fabulous holiday hair style that can easily be created at home with flexi-rods.

You will need approximately 20-25 rods, setting lotion and end wraps (optional). Part the hair into small sections and apply the setting lotion, then spiral wrap the hair around the flexi-rod. It is not necessary to set hair any one pattern. However, I tend to direct my curls to the back. Sit under a hooded drier for 30-45 minutes for best results. Unravel and voila!
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u can also do this w/ bantu knots! i'm rockin it today. use a little creamy settin lotion or a soft gel. bantu knot the whole head in 2 inch sections and mist w/ leave in conditioner. then next day take loose & enjoy ur curls!!!

I love this look. I'll definitely have to try it soon, maybe for New Year's Eve.

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