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With the year coming to a close, I've starting reflecting on my 2009 resolutions. Did I stick with them? Did I get off track? How many did I meet-didn't meet, etc. Well, the one that I am most proud of is my goal to continue to grow my hair healthy-I accomplished that. I didn't set any specific length goals, I just wanted to grow and see noticeable growth. I have...So as look forward to 2010, I plan to expand my hair resolutions to include:

-cure my product junkie addition by purchasing less products this year

-alternating blowouts with rollersets

-grow thicker hair (don't know how to accomplish this yet, but I am searching)

-avoid the urge to cut

-can't think of any others.

What are some of your resolutions?

4 Responses:

Well, I had a BAA on my vision board for 2009 and I believe I attained that. For this coming year, I think for me I don't want to care so much about it. I also want to curb my PJ'ism...lol and find a product staple regimen.

I did my big chop Dec 08 and just had my one year. My hair goal was to become comfortable with my natural hair. I've done that and now just need to learn to manage it now that it is longer. I have a problem with PJ'ism too, so I bought a haul from Miss Jessie's with the BOGO free sale and am going to use these products exclusively (along with the products I've on hand already).

I have the same resolution every year---to be happier than the year before.

My sole hair resolution is to stop cutting my hair. I've cut it 4 times this year....

But I have yet to find a hair regimen that will cure my dry scalp...and I'd also like to find products to help better define my curl texture....So the product junkie saga continues...

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