Kelis, Kelis, Kelis

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Ladies, what do you think-cute or a curly catastrophe?
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ok----what da h*ll is going on with the different texture of curls? Her natural curls are the truth! Y the weave that don't even match ur texture - I DONT GET IT!

I think it's cute. She's like the original Edge Princess. Move over Rihanna, Kiki is back.

I heart Kelis and her flow. She owns every look that she does.

I adore her..i just think she is trying to find her way again..divorce new mom...u just get in a real experimental phase..she wouldnt be her if she didnt keep the people guessing about her beautiful her..always

I'm not loving it

That's definitely not her best look, but there's something about Kelis I like. She doesn't come across as trying too hard like Christina Milian. She has her own mind and style,and not just a Rhianna wannabe so I give her a pass for this look even if it aint all that great.

my personal opinion I like it!! Its decent. I'm really feeling the silver grey hair because for sometime I've been wanting to streak my hair that color.

Hey, rock it. :D
It does have that princess look to it.. victorian era kinda swag? haha but I think its really unique!

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