Virgin Coconut Oil

My mom in law brought me back this bottle of pure, virgin coconut oil from St. Lucia this weekend. I was so super excited because coconut oil is a great treatment, if not the best to protect and beautify hair and skin.

There are so many ways that you can use coconut oil on the hair. As a pre-wash conditioner, a deep conditioner, a hot oil treatment, or you can add a little to moisturizing routine for added moisture.

Last night, I used it as a a deep conditioner. Here's what I did:

I added a few tablespoons of the coconut oil to my regular conditioner. Wrapped my hair in a warm towel (a plastic bag can also be used). I allowed the oil to work into the hair for 30 minutes.

Today, my curls are moisturized and and soft. I Love it!

Btw, as you can see, the consistency varies with temperature. Since it's cold, it becomes more solid.

2 Responses:

I grew up with my mom using coconut oil in our head to clear our sinuses and for our hair.

I've used it on my babies' skin also. I only like the good pure one from home (St. Thomas, VI) not the fake stinky stuff. My mom knows how to make it so I've always had the authentic stuff. I need learn how to make it so I can have it all the time.

oooh I'm so jealous. let us know how it works out.

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