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Sectioned hair in to six or more sections. I then coiled my hair into Bantu-like knots. I chose not to make into complete Bantu Knots because I wanted a more touseled look than a curly look.


Separated hair from the roots, then eventually pulled apart the ends.

Voila. I love sexy, touseled hair. LMBO, at the towel in the background.

I really wasn't trying to be sexy, but hey! lol. I created this look on blownout hair, but it can be created on any texture. Do you like?
7 Responses:

LOVE this look! Do you mind me putting this up on my blog?

Love the look...I need to try this.

Sure Zanneta, you can repost this on your blog.

It's sexy without trying! I LOVE this look on you. That's the beauty of it...effortless.

I like this style on u!!!!

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