A Male's Perspective

I really enjoyed this video by Chiselle. Simba's openess and knowledge about natural hair was really impressive. Trust me, most men are afraid to touch the topic of natural hair. I did a write up about this topic last year and received some pretty interesting responses from men. You can read it here. What do you think about Simba's comments? More so, what have been your experience with men since you've made the decision to go natural?

2 Responses:

I think as much as men might have preconceived notions about women and their hair, the opposite is also true.
This man impressed me, and made me realise I may have been a bit too hasty to 'judge' what some men think of my hair.

(also, he's cute:)

Glad to hear a man's POV. I love his reply re: men not approaching a natural woman because he knows she isn't "an easy target" and is secure about herself.

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