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I recently had my second experience with henna. The first time I tried it I used the instructions on the box and left it in for about an hour. Right after I washed it out, I went to YouTube only to see one of my favorite vloggers do a henna tutorial: she left her treatment on overnight. I understand why she did it overnight, I did an 8 hr treatment (from 2-10pm) and the dripping was excessive. I added honey to the mixture for moisture and covered my head (clearly not tightly enough).

Their Claim: Hennalucent is an organic conditioning hair color. It is not a tint, dye or bleach and it does not contain harsh chemicals, peroxide or metallic salts. Hennalucent is rich in proteins and organic conditioners that enhance the shine and condition of your hair. It helps to repair split ends and strengthen dry, damaged or chemically treated hair.

The results were wonderful!! My curls were elongated and my hair was very bouncy. My normally tightly coiled curls now fell with a little confidence and my afro hung. The color was not instantly evident but in the sun it shines and glistens.
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How about some before and after pics??

Yes, I was going to ask the same thing. Do you have any pics? I'll have to research this product. I've been wanting to try henna for a long time but have been scared I'd make a mess and get 0 results.

Yes, definitely need some pics. I've been dying to try henna but I'm concerned about it being messy and hard to remove.

I will send pictures to UC tonight. I'm not sure if I conditioned before or after I took the pictures. Living Fly... the removal is seemless. If you can believe it I actually rinsed it out in the shower. I'll admit it looked horrible while rinsing but by the time I was done I didn't even have to wash the shower out (any more than normal use would have me do). I'm pretty sure I have pictures posted on my Fotki from the first Henna. You can find me by searching for Curlylibra_enj. Thanks for your replies.

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