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Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps: 18-1 Hemp TEA TREE PURE-CASTILE Soap

Written by: Eutopia Johnson

OK, so as I begin to type this product review I realize why I received the results I did. I put soap in my hair. I’d read some blogs that highlighted the benefits for using Pure-Castile shampoos. Well clearly soap and shampoo are not the same thing. I pre-pooed with an Olive Oil Replenishing Pack (with a little added honey for moisture) and left this on for about an hour. I rinsed and instantly felt the moisture and curls surround my head. Then I did the unthinkable, I shampooed. The moisture was zapped from my hair and my bouncy curls shrunk to an unrecognizable clump. I tried to condition to bring back moisture but it didn’t work. I think this soap would have knocked the shine off my mini-van.

This product junkie has learned a valuable lesson. Just because one person had a good experience with a product doesn’t mean I should run out and get it. I should have read more product reviews or asked UC for advice. The curly girl community is full of knowledgeable and helpful sisters willing help. Thank you Urban Curlz for being a great resource and even allowing me to vent about my product mishap.

Have any of you used this product? Did it work for you? Please share...
11 Responses:

This stuff is very potent. You have to dilute it before putting it in your hair or else it will probably cause some damage. Once diluted it's pretty good tho, cleans without leaving your hair stripped. But straight out the bottle? yea it will degrease your stove!

I plan to use it, I already have my dilution mix that I am going to use ready to go.

I second what Alana said. The bottle says you MUST dilute. If not, it is just too potent.

A while back I became really interested in making my own soap that would be mild enough to use on my newborn. I did a lot of research on soap making, and began making my own castile soap. Dr. Bonners soap is okay but definitely needs to be watered down. All castile soap is not the same! Strictly speaking it should be made with olive oil, water, and lye. The amount of each ingredient added during making is very important as they cancel each other out and leave a salt (soap) and glycerine (excellent for your hair)! Also, you can add excess olive oil (superfatting is the technical term) to the soap batch so that your soap will have emollient properties of the unreacted olive oil in it. Castile soap made this way is very mild and excellent for your hair. It tends to be "slimy" with just a little bit of suds, so most commercial castile soaps use a combination of vegetable oils for various properties, for example coconut oil added to the ingredients will make a harder bar more sudsier bar which is more marketable. However it makes the soap more "hardcore" and is drying. Dr. Bonners isn't pure olive oil soap that has been superfatted. So I wouldn't exclude castile soap as a product, just Dr. Bonners.

Thanks Ladies. I promise I didn't see the dilute part but I get soo excited to try new things I sometimes skim instead of reading. It's a mistake my hair can't afford. Patience is key and your hair will teach you that lesson every time.

When I used Dr. Bronners almond castille soap, I would dilute it 50/50 with water and sometimes add some oil as well to make add some moisture while I was washing. I liked it that it cleaned my hair without over-drying it.

your supposed to dilute it with a carrier oil and water lol!!!

I use the Dr. Bonners almond castille soap, in the bar form and I absolutely love it. I pre-poo and wash with the bar and it leave my hair soft, fluffy and not dry at all...and thats before I condition. I have heard that the liquid can be harsh undiluted, but have never tried it myself. Just goes to show that everything is NOT the same for everyone! Hopefully, if you decide to try again, you will get better results :o)

Nope- did not work for me. Same experience- absolute dryness, itchyness and not into the smell. Assumed it was for white girls/boys.

This product look well... Thanks

My hair loves Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap but I have to make sure to co-wash with HEHH afterward. My hair loves being squeaky clean.

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