Review | Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist

By: T.M. Payne

Does your hair require a miracle to make it softer and more manageable? Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist may make a great addition to a divine hair care routine, for a little extra pocket change than usual.

Miracle 7 comes in a sky blue bottle with a chic geometric design, making for a decorative prop on a bathroom or vanity counter. It dispenses in a short mist—great for those who don’t like to waste product—and gives off a modest green apple scent.

A few of the product claims are that the leave-in mist helps reduce split ends, softens hair and removes tangles.

Upon the first test, when misted on freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, the texture seems to transform to a softer, more flexible feel. On my sometimes tangled and dry 3b/3c/ii/iii hair, while wet, the leave-in mist made the hair feel silkier and easier to style without the heaviness or stickiness of other leave-in conditioners.

The hair air-dried to a very soft, fluffier texture, however the mist does nothing to preserve the actual curl or reduce frizz like a crème leave-in, so users shouldn’t expect much curl or texture definition when using this product. I still experienced frizz, so an oil-based styler or pomade after applying the leave-in was necessary for my hair.

Luckily, underneath other products like hair gels and pomades, Miracle 7 did not have any of the common adverse reactions like flakes and white goop balls (gross!), and the apple scent lingers all day. I also like that it feels like nothing is in my hair.

On a second test, the hair wash washed, conditioned and Miracle 7 was misted on my damp hair, preparing it for the blow drying test. With a pik attachment, the hair was blow dried straight on a medium setting. Much to my surprise, the blow dry was quick and easy and my hair still smelled like green apples.

After the blow dry, the leave-in didn’t leave my hair sticky or stiff. I looked around my shoulders, in the sink and in the pik for broken hairs, but much to my surprise, no broken hairs could be found. However, the hair wasn’t exactly strengthened like I would expect from a leave-in. I did a tight, dry roller set on straightened hair having used Miracle 7 and my hair’s strength didn’t stand up to the rollers while using this product.


This product is great for softening tangled and stiff hair. If you’ve been praying for the day to get a comb through your (or your daughter’s) tresses, this product may be your miracle. It’s very lightweight and plays very well with other products. But for USD $12.99, I expected a lot more strengthening out of this leave-in. Though it held up to heat, it seems to have more moisturizing properties than strengthening. It may not have been my ‘guardian angel’ of a hair product, but if your hair is brittle and dry, Miracle 7 is great for softening up texture and making the hair easier to style.


7/10 (Hilariously, yes. I did rate this product a ‘7’)

Tinea M. Payne, is a Senior Print and Web journalism major. She is editor of her own opinion blog, Black Aviators where she dishes her opinions on politics, society, and her journalism/editorial career.
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