Tip O The Day: Winterize

Wool hats, scarfs, and cold winds go hand in hand with the winter months, but these can also be the hair's biggest enemies because they cause can cause breakage. So it's important to protect your hair during these months to prevent these frienemies (as I like to call them) from completely ruining your hair. The most important step we can take to protect the hair is to keep it well moisturized. You don't have to necessarily purchase heavier creams or oils to add to your moisture routine. Just make sure you are using a good moisturizer and moisturize often. For example, I've been adding EVOO to my conditioning and styling routine and my hair is loving me for it. So don't be afraid to add an extra dose of moisture to nourish your hair to carry you through this brutally cold season.
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Any tips on keeping straightened hair moisturized?

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