Trend Alert: Louboutin Nails

This trend has been around for a while but I just ran across it last night while fantasizing about Louboutins. I was recently in Nordstroms and I was immediately drawn to the stand that held the hottest boots on this side of the pond. As I approached and saw that red bottom, I knew I needed to turn around. But, just to cure my curiosity, I asked the salesperson for a price-$1025...take the wheel. I can't afford Louboutins, but when I saw this I thought to myself, "I can certainly afford a Louboutin Manicure" hahaha. I guess this is the closest I will get to my Louboutins this year. What a hot trend, ladies-you can even add gold studs to the tips of the nails. Hotness!
7 Responses:

Hahahaha!! I don't know about you but I'm claiming me a pair of Louboutins this year. I'm clueless as to where or how the funds will come around to get "my pair" but I'm so holding onto that vision. Lol.

Definitely gonna look into a Louboutin manicure. That looks sweet!

Thats a nice manicure. I wish I could rock long nails the right way.

Those nails are HAUTE!!!!!! LOVES!

I agree I can't afford the shoes, but I will try the Louboutin Manicure's super cute=)

Word to the wise, if your nails are too short, it will look like your fingers are bleeding. Try another complimentary color if you don't like the long look.

Those nails are really Hoott! And I myself have a vision to buy me a pair Louboutin's as my graduation gift!

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