2010 Bronner Bronners

February 20-23, 2010 Atlanta Georgia. This will be my first Bronner's Brother's hair show experience. I am sure I will be in for a surprise (side eye). My main interest is to check out what's going on the natural scene. But otherwise, I am going to look for deals on hair products. My friend racked up on products at the last show, so I'm a little excited to see what deals I can find. Have any of you been? If so what was your experience?

For more information, visit Bronner Brothers.
2 Responses:

I've gone, just about every year since I've been in Atlanta. You will find about a handful of natural booths. Dont let that deter you though. I will be there as well. I go on Sunday, when the vendors are trying to get rid of everything.

Can't wait to hear all about it.

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