My Stylist Never Told Me...

I was recently reunited with probably one of the best hair stylists I ever had-thank you Facebook. So I've been contemplating making an appointment with her to have my hair cut into layers. I've also been thinking about whether or not I want to just go for the cut or restart the regular relationship we once had. See, I haven't had a regular relationship with a stylist in about 5 years. So, I've been taking care of my hair on my own except for the handful of times, I may have gotten a trim or a color, etc.

Well, all of this got me to thinking about if rebuilding a regular relationship with a stylist would even be beneficial to my hair. Since I've been taking care of my hair on my own, this is the longest and healthiest my hair has ever been. Do I really want to take the chance and put my hard work back in the hands of someone else? hmmm.

What I have learned along that way is that stylists, even the best stylists don't do very much to teach clients about hair care. When I think back to my days of going to my stylists, I realized a whole list of beneficial information that they never shared.

About heat-Yeah, they all told me not to put heat in my hair everyday but never educated me about alternative ways to keep my style in place. Like show me how to properly wrap my hair at night, wear a satin scarf, try pin curls, etc. So like me, I'm sure most of us, resort to putting heat in our hair to try to maintain that fresh out of the stylist chair look and end up burning all of our hair out. Thus the cycle begins.

About cuts-I was never told that I did not have to cut my ends every six weeks when I visited for a touch up. So, I allowed them to snip away at every relaxer session to keep my ends healthy so my hair could grow (side eye). Hence the fact my hair never grew past my shoulders even though I was going every two weeks religiously.

About product-I was always curious about products. So I would regularly ask for product suggestions or what brands are good for the hair. I eventually found myself broke from trying all of the new products that hit the market or salon. I had enough products to open a beauty supply. But, I was never informed about benefits or detriments of certain ingredients in products. Nor was I made aware of the benefits of natural products like EVOO, Shea Butter, etc.

The list goes on, but these were just some of the immediate thoughts I was contemplating while making my decision. Don't get me wrong there are many benefits to going to a good stylist I guess it all depends on what goals you have in mind for your hair. Right now, my goal is to continue to grow, so for now I may hold off on that regular relationship and just go for the trim.

Now that you are natural and more knowledgeable, do you ever think back to all of the things your stylist did not tell you when you were on the creamy crack? lol. Isn't is quite scary?

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I must have the bomb stylist! I've been seeing her 12 years. All the things you said your stylist didn't do for you, mine did for me.

When I was a relaxed gal, we did not trim every 6 to 8 weeks and she was very excited for me when I decided to go natural. She has been so good to me.

Now I feel lucky! :)

I don't like going to hairstylist because they overbook their appointments. When I get there on time, I'm waiting 30 minutes to an hour even before they get to me. I'm there for over 4 hours sometimes.

It's cool that youve reconnected, but yea, just going for trims is the business.

I'm going to get a lil trim and a shaping. Thats as far as we going. LOL, and maybe a rollerset.

I too, am blessed with the bomb stylist! He doesnt overbook, the most you are in there for is about and 1 1/2 to 2 hours at the most. He loves caring for long hair - so trims are only encouraged when needed. In fact, he's the one who suggested I go natural, and I love it!!!

Since going natural I have hardly been to a stylist and have noticed that my hair is the longest its ever been and is so much more healthy. I have only been to a stylist twice for straightening/ pressing and both stylists ruined my hair because they used too much heat and claimed that heat protectants were no good. Personally I have no intention of using a stylist again, unless I have a bloody good reason to.

Most black stylists that I've come across have no clue about keeping the hair healthy and their only focus is on creating a look at the expense of damagaging ones hair. If you really want to get a stylist then go ahead, but at your peril I say.

Ugghh don't even get me started... Since I've been natural in July I've only been to a stylist once, since I bcd my own hair. This chick left burn marks on my forhead and scalp, even after I told her she was burning me. I haven't gone back since, I think it's just reckless because then the cloen isn't even a concern!!

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