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Morning ladies! Last night I decided to roll the ends of my hair with yellow flexi-rods to see if I can rekindle the love affair with my curls. When I woke up this morning, I dashed for the mirror to see if anything magical happened... (snickering) It did!!! I love, love, love the results, so I jumped in front of the web cam for a little camera action this morning. Excuse the bags under my eyes...but noticed I did put on a little gloss and accessories for y'all!

Lately I've grown so tired of my wash n'go, frankly I think I outgrew it. So I had been wearing my hair blown out to go for a more refined, age appropriate look. Ladies, I'm in my... uhm (never mind). But anyway, you can only straighten your hair so much before the damage sets in, so I started seeking alternative styles before that happened.

I tried this style early last year and loved the results, so I decided to try it again to see what happens. Basically, it's a MIX SET. I call it that because it's a combination of flex-rod and wash and go. I co-washed my hair, set it with setting lotion and Cantu leave-in. Then used the yellow flexi-rods to curl just the ends.

The result is a wash and go look that's a looks a little more polished than my standard look. I'm loving it.

The weird pose always renders the best curl view? I don't knnow why...

18 Responses:

I love it! totally copying you! lol. I always wondered if that would work.

so cute! go gurl! LOL

It turned out very nice!

This looks great, I want to try this!

Loves it!! This is beautiful!

You don't get any white residue from the cantu & setting lotion? I do... how do you combat that?

nice curls

Thanks Ladies!!! @Marcy, no the Cantu Leave in or Grow Strengthening cream and Setting lotion works well together without producing that white residue. Currently these are my staples.

Very, very pretty! How long does it take to dry? Does the set last more than one day?

I love this style, it matches your prettiness!

Gorgeous UC!!! I only do WnG when I just co washed my hair other than that it is twist outs, and sometimes I roll up my twisted hair.

@Jessica, I'm sure it will dry in 45 minutes to an hour under the dryer. But I just set my hair before I go to bed and allow it to air dry overnight.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

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