Hot or A Hot Mess: Erykah

It's Erykah James, B!tch!!!
8 Responses:

A hot funky mess! Wheres the fro?! NeXt

Erykah who? I never would have recognized my girl.

I don't like this look for her. She's hiding her true beauty.

Benefit of the doubt post:
Maybe she was leaving a Rick James memorial and her outfit was a tribute : ) OK, I tried. LOL

HOT MESS!!! Ok, I'm with Eutopia...Rick James is dead. Let that look RIP.

We all know that Erykah is out there but she's letting us know how far she can take it.

Perfect...for Halloween. Have mercy!

I also miss the 'fro wigs, but I think this look could work with some tweaking.
The large blunt beads are too Rick James-esque, as already noted. I think with more delicate, varied and interesting beads she could pull off a modernized Patrice Rushen/Taste of Honey look and do it well.

I think it could have been cute if she would have toned the outfit down a bit. Like if she would have had on a pair of nice jeans, a simple shirt and some fly high heals. The braids could have been a little thicker, not as long. More cleopetraesque then it could have been a nice statement piece.

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