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Like myself, I am sure many of you did not realize that Tyler Perry had a show. Trust me it was a shock to me too when I ran across it over the weekend. But he had the staff of Why Did I get Married Too on the show. I was so into Jill's hair that I missed everything she said on the interview and had to watch it twice. Her fro leaves me speechless.

Personally, this look does NOTHING for me. Trust me, I've tried it a few times--NOTHING. But I always admired it and Jill Scott has mastered it. Do any of you work the fro?

Why Did I Get Married Too will be in theaters Friday. Here's and excerpt of the show:

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It's weird it's not a real show, it only comes on during his movies so more so like a promo for the movie.

He did one when Why did I get married I came out, and Meet the Browns, can't remember if I saw one for his other movies. But yeah they present it like a show that comes on regulary but it promotes the movies....maybe he's leading up to that which would be cool.

I love it. It's perfect. If I was her and I had it, I would be shaking it! LOL. I couldn't never work my either; I can't get that perfect shape.

I have given up on trying to get this fro perfected. I love it on Jill though...

ok.. i just watched the clip.. two comments... 1) I can't WAIT for Jill's next project to drop. She never lets me down and 2) HER SHOES WERE ON FIYAH!

Ok... now back to hair... I can't rock that look, and have stopped trying. :)


He's been doing the show on and off for the past two years and the show was mostly avaiable on line and it was shown on TBS and BET for a while. I love her Afro, too bad this is not the style they used for the latest Essence magazine cover

I LOVE Jill Scott...every since her first album. I love her 'do...her hair is always awesome. Personally, I love the 'fro and can rock one that compares to Jill's. It's a look that definitely works for me! :D

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