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While washing my hair the other night my scalp needed a good scrubbing so I enlisted the help of husband. He has washed my hair once or twice before, so I knew his strong hands would do the job. So I closed my eyes and relaxed my shoulders and allowed him to work his magic.

Later that evening, still feeling the effects of his massaging wash, I wanted more but I wasn't going to wash my hair again. So I asked him to help trim my ends. Reluctantly he obliged and trimmed about an inch off the back of my hair.

A Man's Touch-There is nothing that can compare.

This happened on Monday night and ladies I've been swinging my hair and glaring at the freshly cut ends every since. Actually, I think I've become addicted because since then, I've been thinking of different things I can ask him to do to my hair, like massage my scalp, run his fingers through it, etc. I told a friend yesterday that if she see me walking around with a jacked up hair cut, just know I'm hooked.

Ladies, this was the most "unintentional" intimate experience I've had in a long time! So the next time you are looking for something to do with your Mr. just ask him to touch your hair and relax and enjoy it. You will thank me later.
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Loves this post. This is beautiful.

fab...wonderful post!

I so agree with the post. If I can I get my husband to trim my ends or oil my scalp I ask and it is the best feeling ever! When he finishes I am always feel like it happened to fast and am thinking of other things for him to do.

Awww this made me smile. "I've been thinking of different things I can ask him to do to my hair" LOL Hmm I wouldnt trust my bf with trimming nor a shampoo but the scalp massage sounds good :D

This was such a beautiful post! Did you let your husband know how addicted you are to his hands in your hair?

This made me smile. :0) Good post.

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