Product O' Day | Extra Butter

According to the site, this smooth, whipped butter fortifies curls with natural Shea butter & coconut oil with no petroleum. Great for extremely dry hair. Elongates curls, detangles and deeply moisturizes to aid in combability. Works great on wet and dry hair. Light, fresh clean citrus scent. Quick Shipping. No Paraben. No Petroleum. PETA Friendly (I snickered at this)

$22 Uncle Funky's Daughter 8 oz.
4 Responses:

Ok- so why at first glance did I think this was a new Miss Jessie's product? Is it just me or is the packaging remarkably similiar?

like finding me, i thought it was a new miss jessie product.

I've been wanting to try this since it came out, but been trying to keep my PJis under control.
Its currently on backorder - so I guess I will have to wait. LOL

Like the others, I thought it was Miss Jessie's. I can't wait to try Uncle Funky's. I've got my PJ under control for now.

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