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How To Keep Curls ALL day?

I love rocking my big curly hair which starts out looking fabulous in the mornings. My curls are defined, shiny and frizz free. However, by the end of the work day, more like half way through, my hair turns into a frizzy, untamed mess. Any suggestions on how I can keep my style looking fresh all day?

This was a question I received from my coworker on Friday. To be honest with you, I still struggle with achieving all day hair with certain styles. But here are a few of my suggestions:

1) Product-is the most important factor because the right one and/or combination can combat frizz and keep your curls popping all day. You will certainly have to experiment in this arena because you have to find the right product and the right balance of products.

2) Cut-the hair cut is another important factor because a fresh cut can make all of the difference. This is the area I struggle the most with because my hair needs a shape.

3) Retouching is essential. So just as you would freshen your makeup, try refreshing your curls periodically throughout the day.

4) When all else fails, have a back up plan, carry scrunchies, hair pins or an accessory to restyle your hair if necessary.

Any other suggestions, ladies?
2 Responses:

Re: retouching and back up plans.
This is what I do most of the time...esp. extra hair pins. 'cause ya never know.

To get curl definition (even thought I actually LOVE frizzy curls!)I wet my braids and slather on leave in and keep the braids in until they are completely dry. After, I take them out, I don't touch them an they stay pefect. But I can't go too long without touching my hair because it is so doggone soft and big that I can't help myself:-D

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