Steep Vs. Cheap

Ouidad Double Detangling Comb $24 Sephora


Jilbere Shower Comb $1.59

I was in Sephora over the weekend in the Ouidad section with my niece. She asked "OMG, Autie India this comb is $24-what does it do for $24?" We both laughed at the thought of spending that much on a comb. So as we tried to rationalize the price, I pointed out to her that while the Double Detangler comb is a great product, there is a less expensive detangling comb on the market and pointed out the Jilbere which also receive rave reviews.

So ladies, what are your favorite detangling combs?
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I love my denman brush

I love my Quidad Comb, it has made such a difference when I detangle. It does such a great job of elongating my curls unlike the denman which I find causes my hair to shrink more that what it does naturally. The denman is awesome for blow drying, it gets my hair really straight when heat is applied.

The day I can afford to just casually spend $24 on a comb will be a day I have a lot of money...for now I will stick with my Jilbere for 99 cents! The denman is great for when i put in my leave in or gel though...

I just got a denman last week. It was my first time brushing since the BC in Oct '08. The brush ran smoothly through my hair, but I also found that it made my hair shrink more than when I just WNG. Not cool. So I think I'd give the Ouidad comb a try AND the Jilbere (though certainly not in that order, lol). I don't have problems detangling with my fingers, so I need a comb/brush that's gonna really DO something!

Oh how i love love love my Jilbere comb!! I have had it since I transitioned to natural and I don't know about the Ouidad comb, but from what I have seen it doesn't work well on all hair types and might only work when the hair is straightened. Either way... I don't think I am leaving my Jilbere.

$24 for a comb...NOT HAPPENING! I have a denman, and an old fashioned detangling comb. They work perfectly!

I use the Conair Shower Comb. It's just like the Jilbere and cost about $2.99 at CVS. I also have a Denman D4 brush.

~Kinky Rhonnie

$24..good lawd that's alot of money! How about I use my fingers for free and detangle LOL

BTW I have a denman......any buyers?
I'm just not feeling the massive amount of hair i've lost using it and yes the shrinkage is major after it. LOL

I'd give it a try, but a cheap fix for me is the paddle brush over both the Denman and the Jilbere. The large pad on the brush and flexible bristles are made to give when you pull.

The Denman really isn't designed for detangling- it's original purpose is actually for control and creating tension of the hair during heat styling (Vidal Sassoon). Though it's become an awesome tool for our blowouts, it really wasn't even intended for afro hair.

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